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Yuanzhi Tang
Selected from a finalist pool of nine proposals, Associate Professors Yuanzhi Tang and Thackery Brown’s ideas were chosen due to their high potential for novel interdisciplinary research and impact.
Researchers in Nga Lee (Sally) Ng's lab
Their awards total more than $9.5 million in funding, the most Georgia Tech has ever had in the program.
Hope Hazelton
Students from all six College of Sciences schools were recognized for excellence at this year's celebration.
Photo credit: Paul Skorupskas,
A team of Georgia Tech researchers is the first to study the relationship between fluctuations in attention and the brain network patterns within low-frequency 20-second cycles.
Image of people looking at the sky during a solar eclipse
Through detailed auditory descriptions and immersive virtual environments, the Sonification Lab facilitates accessibility to the wonders of the universe for all, regardless of visual ability.
2017 Eclipse at Georgia Tech
Sparked by a professor’s interest, 55 students from the School of Physics will travel to Illinois to enter the path of totality for the April 8 total solar eclipse.
AAAI: AI Magazine 2024 Volume 45 Issue 1 Cover
Latest AI Magazine highlights work of NSF and USDA-NIFA-funded AI Research Institutes, including AI-ALOE, AI4OPT, and AI-CARING, focusing on their contributions to AI for societal good and future impact.
Andrea L. Laliberte's vision will come to life, promoting awareness and public recognition of the history of Georgia Tech women in a visually compelling way.
Set to open this fall, a permanent tribute will celebrate an inaugural group of 70 graduates, as well as 98 women and events with historical significance to the Institute.
A young boy wearing blue latex gloves holds a human brain
More than 4,000 guests visited Georgia Tech's kickoff event for the city's annual science extravaganza.
Anna (Anya) Ivanova
A new study co-led by Anna (Anya) Ivanova highlights how human neuroscience is paving the way for AI innovation — and what AI can teach us about ourselves.