Science and Society Internship Program

Description of the Program

The internship experience is designed to give Georgia Tech students the opportunity to integrate and apply theoretical knowledge and research skills acquired in their undergraduate curriculum in a field setting that is carefully supervised and individualized for the particular student. Such an experience allows the student to be involved in the helping process in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and at the same time does not place the client in a position of undue risk. Placements are available in a variety of areas including mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, substance abuse centers, school settings, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and other human service agencies and settings.


The internship can be a valuable experience for students who are contemplating careers in psychology or in related fields. By direct observation and involvement in applied settings, students learn first hand how psychological theories are integrated and applied to clinical practice. For students hoping to obtain entry level positions in human service agencies, applied training gives them a competitive edge in today's job market. For those planning further graduate education in clinical psychology, school psychology, counseling, guidance, and other applied areas, a field experience enhances one's preparation. Even for students who are uncertain about the direction of future employment or graduate work, the internship can be an opportunity to evaluate their career plans. This program has three tracks: 1) International Experience (remote, hybrid, or in-person), 2) Virtual Experience (remote only), and 3) Local Impact (hybrid or in-person).


Students may register for credit as either a free elective (PSYC 2695; prior to junior status), or a Psychology major elective (PSYC 4695, once junior status is achieved). Students may also register for audit/pay to have an ungraded internship simply appear on their transcript. The courses created above (PSYC 2695/4695) allow you to get up to 6 credits towards your degree. If you find a paid internship, you cannot also get credit. However, you can sign up for audit hours with the Career Center. Audit hours are tuition free, are recorded on your transcript, do not affect your FAFSA status, help maintain active student status during work terms, and allow you to stay in campus housing.


Credit Hours

Hours at Internship Site per week

Full Time Internship


Minimum 10hrs

Part Time Internship


Minimum 6hrs

Part Time Internship


Minimum 3hrs



Students must have an overall GPA of 3.0 or above and have sophomore academic standing (completion of at least 30 credits toward degree progress). Any major is welcome to apply.


Application Procedures

You should first begin your search for an internship by using any of the links provided on this page or any other resources you find helpful. Internships are available in mental health facilities, schools, rehabilitation centers, hospitals and other human service agencies. Every effort is made to match sites with student's interests and career goals. While we can help you find the internship, you should also contribute to the search. Here is a site of the major employers of Psychology majors in Georgia.

If you are admitted to the program, you will have an introductory meeting with either Dr. Christopher Stanzione, Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies or James Stringfellow, College of Sciences Career Educator.


Here are some current examples of local internships:



Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)

(current positions)

GTRI is the nonprofit, applied research organization of Georgia Tech. GTRI offers accepted interns the opportunity to work in laboratories, assist with research and conduct administrative tasks. For students interested in the “Audit” mode, please click the link to read more about GTRI’s Co-operative Education program.


Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium offers their interns pre-professional and experiential learning opportunities, with unique internships covering many departments. For more information, check out their FAQ page and scroll down to internships.


Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA)

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta is one of the nation’s largest pediatric healthcare systems. CHOA has multiple campuses, giving you the chance to experience various work settings such as academic, private practice and/or an urban hospital setting.


Marcus Autism Center

The Marcus Autism Center offers a variety of undergraduate training practicums in disciplines such as Psychology, Neuroscience, applied behavior analysis and speech-language pathology. These valuable skills may be applied to a career in supporting children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or may help in preparation for graduate level education.


Center for Disease Control (CDC)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a United States federal agency, is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The CDC offers hands-on internships that vary in topic, pay and length. Check out the link to view what positions are currently being offered.


If you are admitted to the program, you will have an introductory meeting with either Dr. Christopher Stanzione, Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies, James Stringfellow, College of Sciences Career Educator, and/or Haley Steele, Graduate Student Internship Coordinator.


Grading and Evaluations

Students who register for PSYC 2695/4695 can decide to get a letter grade or S (satisfactory)/U (Unsatisfactory). Assessment of your progress at the internship site includes a collection of written deliverables about your experience along with supervisor evaluations which will be used for your final grade.



Contact Dr. Christopher Stanzione, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Education for any remaining questions.