Research Laboratories and Multidisciplinary Research Centers

Lab Name
Attention & Working Memory LabEngleJS Coon 349
Cognitive Architecture LabVarmaJS Coon 251
Cognitive Measurement LabEmbretsonJS Coon 138
Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging LabMoffatCABI 135
Computations of Subjective Perception labRahnevCABI 132
CoNTRoL: Cog Neuro at Tech Research LabSchumacherCABI 133
Decision Process LabThomasJS Coon G29
Hybrid Intelligence (HI) LabLiJS Coon G17 & 18
Janus Lab - Remembering and Imagining that MotivatesLiaoJS Coon 252 | 404-894-3979
Knowledge and Skill LabAckermanJS Coon 219
Language, Intelligence, and Thought (LIT) LabIvanovaJS Coon G15
Memory Affect & Planning LabBrownJS Coon B77 | 404-894-6775
Neuroloops CelikelJS Coon 255
Problem Solving & Educational Technology LabCatramboneJS Coon 120
Psychometric Research & Development Lab RobertsJS Coon G25
Sederberg LabSederbergJS Coon 117
Sonification LabWalkerJS Coon 238
strea:m LabVerhaeghenJS Coon 115
Subjective Uncertainty and Belief LabHimmelsteinJS Coon 240/241
The Foundation LabWieseJS Coon 215
Wheeler LabWheelerCABI 138
Work Motivation and Emotion LabKanferJS Coon G47
Multidisciplinary Research Centers and Centers of Excellence
CRANE: Center for Research and Education in Navigation
CoCo: Center of Excellence in Computational Cognition
Work Science Center