Certificates in Psychology

View the specific requirements for completing a minor in psychology through the Georgia Tech Catalog.

Certificates in Psychology

The School of Psychology offers a number of certificate programs that provide similar opportunities for students to develop their expertise and acquire skills or information in specific areas, in addition to their major area:

  • Certificate in Biopsychology
  • Certificate in Cognitive Psychology
  • Certificate in Engineering Psychology
  • Certificate in Experimental Psychology
  • Certificate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Certificate in Social/Personality Psychology

Requirements for a Certificate in Psychology

A Certificate in Psychology requires a minimum total of 12 semester hours, which generally translates into 4 courses: 3 required courses and 1 elective. All courses for the certificate must have a grade of "C" or better.


The required and elective courses for each of the certificates are outlined in the Description of Certificates.

Application for a Certificate in Psychology

You should apply during your last semester at Georgia Tech (not earlier).

Application procedure