Graduate Student Forms

DocuSign Tips
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  • You can check out the step-by-step guide on How to Submit a DocuSign Form.

  • Forms must be initiated by a student, not staff or faculty.

  • A form must be completed in full for Graduate Studies to finalize.

  • You must complete all forms related to your degree progress in order to be finalized by Graduate Studies.

  • For a full list of required documents for thesis submission go to the Thesis Submission Checklist

  • For more information and questions, please contact Graduate Studies at

Application for Graduate Conference Funds (Must login with GT Username and Password at the bottom of the page once you navigate to the form)

Certificate of Thesis Approval for Master Students (DocuSign)

Certificate of Thesis Approval for Doctoral Students (DocuSign)

Doctoral Minor Approval Form (DocuSign)

Doctoral Student Travel Supplement Form

Enrollment Waiver (DocuSign)

Graduate Student Course Checklist

Graduate Student Handbook

Master’s Thesis Library Information Form

PhD Dissertation Proposal Form

Permit to Enroll form

Request for Approval of Master’s Thesis Topic (DocuSign)

Request for Admission to PhD Candidacy

Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Instructions (Note: Training Grant and Fellowship Recipients, please use Alternate Instructions below)

(Alternate) Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Instructions for Training Grant and Fellowship Recipients

End of Year Evaluation

Preliminary Exams Forms