Research Laboratories

Lab Name Professor Office
Attention & Working Memory Lab Engle JS Coon 349
Cognitive Measurement Lab Embretson JS Coon 138
Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging Lab Moffat CABI 135
Computational Cognition Lab Spieler JS Coon 117
CoNTRoL: Cog Neuro at Tech Research Lab Schumacher CABI 133
Decision Process Lab Thomas JS Coon G29
Knowledge and Skill Lab Ackerman JS Coon 219
Memory Affect & Planning Lab Brown JS Coon B77 | 404-894-6775
Perception, Neuroimaging, and Modeling lab Rahnev CABI 132
Problem Solving & Educational Technology Lab Catrambone JS Coon 120
Psychometric Research & Development Lab Roberts JS Coon G25
ReCALL - Research on Cognition in Adulthood and Late Life Verhaeghen JS Coon 115
Sonification Lab Walker JS Coon 238
The Foundation Lab Wiese JS Coon 215
Wheeler Lab Wheeler CABI 138
Work Experience Laboratory Weiss JS Coon G23
Work Family Health French JS Coon G22
Work Motivation and Emotion Lab Kanfer JS Coon G47
Work Science Center Kanfer JS Coon 136 | 404-385-2680 (message)