Christopher W. Wiese

Christopher Wiese

Assistant Professor


University of Central Florida Ph.D. Industrial Organizational Psychology (2015)
University of Central Florida B.S. Psychology, Management Minor (2007)

Research Interests

Industrial/ Organizational Area Coordinator


Recruiting new PhD students for the Fall of 2024

My overarching research mission is to improve human flourishing by conducting meaningful and transformational research. While my primary training is in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, my research approach is not confined to studying the human condition at work. I take an interdisciplinary, person-centric, future-looking approach to examining the human experience across various contexts. Specifically, my work is organized around two central themes: Well-Being and Teams. For more information about my current research projects, please visit The Foundation Lab page 

Selected Publications

  • Wiese, C. W., Li, Y., Tang, Y., & Brown, T. I. (2023). The Unique Impact of Commuting Time, Quality, and Predictability on Worker Well-Being and Performance. Occupational Health Science, 1-33.
  • Tay, L., Batz-Barbarich, C., Yang, L. Q., & Wiese, C. W. (2023). Well-Being: The Ultimate Criterion for Organizational Sciences. Journal of Business and Psychology, 1-17.
  • Wiese, C. W., & Calderwood, C. (2023). Planes, trains, and automobiles: Commuting in the 2020s and beyond. Organizational Psychology Review13(1), 3-10.
  • Wiese, C. W., Kuykendall, L., & Tay, L. (2018). Get active? A meta-analysis of leisure-time physical activity and subjective well-being. The Journal of Positive Psychology13(1), 57-66.
  • Wiese, C. W., Tay, L., Duckworth, A. L., D’Mello, S., Kuykendall, L., Hofmann, W., ... & Vohs, K. D. (2018). Too much of a good thing? Exploring the inverted‐U relationship between self‐control and happiness. Journal of personality86(3), 380-396.

Contact Information

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