Bringing the Future of Work to GT Alumni

School of Psychology graduate student Lucas Provine shares the latest research at professional development events.

October 10, 2023

Lucas Provine, a fourth-year graduate student in Industrial-Organizational (I/O) Psychology, has been sharing knowledge with his recent contributions to the GT Alumni Association. This past month, he assisted them with two professional development events.

On September 6th, Provine hosted an hour-long webinar titled, "Embracing (or Avoiding) Technology in the Workplace." The webinar was part of the Alumni Association's ongoing series of professional development sessions geared toward the future of work. Provine reviewed theory and research on how employees develop attitudes about new technology and how those attitudes influence their use decisions. Approximately 60 attended live with over 200 alumni and students registered to receive a recording of it. (Follow this link to watch a full recording of the webinar through GT Media Space.)

On September 18th, Provine conducted a workshop on survey development for the Alumni Association's employee team at their headquarters. During the session, Provine explained best practices, answered questions, and shared survey development tools that were tailored to their needs.

Provine noted that the events not only benefited the Alumni Association but himself as well. He explained, “This was a great opportunity for me to keep working on my applied skills.” Lucas’ story is one example of the many ways that our graduate students in the School of Psychology apply their advanced training to support and engage the larger community.

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