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Periodic table celebration kicks off 2019-20 school year.
Courtney Ferencik (left) and Erin Green
Courtney Ferencik and Erin Green will lead fundraising efforts.
Erin Nagle works with PROMOTE software.
This year the promotion and tenure process will be tracked from beginning to end in PROMOTE, a new software that allows candidates to upload their promotion package and monitor its progress through each stage.
To celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table, Tech students, faculty, and staff talk about their favorite elements.
Irene Daboin teaching Psychology and the Pursuit of Happiness
A couple of Georgia Tech courses are in pursuit of happiness. One is offered by the School of Psychology.
Recent study has implications for spatial training and Alzheimer’s diagnosis.
More grants translate to more training, more research, and more discovery.
Christopher Draheim receives Graduate Travel Award from the Psychonomic Society.
Students are able to learn about how different activities and emotions affect our attention.