Alternate TAR and TES Instructions for Training Grant and Fellowship Recipients

Prior to the trip

  • Complete a paper copy of the Travel Authority Request Form found here, and bring to our Financial Administrator, Kaysha Corniffe ( On the TAR, you just need to estimate what your expenses will be (flight, lodging, transportation, meals, etc.).  Kaysha will fill in the campus reference number. The employee ID# field should be left blank. Please ensure that your supervisor signs as the authorized approver before bringing the form to Kaysha.
  • The finance office can direct bill your flight through our authorized travel agency, Travelinc, if you do not want to come out of pocket and wait for the reimbursement. Please send the booking information noted below to Kaysha Corniffe
    • Flight preferences (we will do our best to accommodate, contingent upon the flights available through Travelinc at the time of booking. Please note that occasionally some flights available directly through the carrier may not be available through Travelinc)
    • Name as it appears on your identification (please include your middle initial if it is on the ID you will be using)
    • Contact number to provide the airlines
    • Seating preferences (we will do our best to accommodate, contingent upon availability)
    • Frequent flier number if applicable

After your trip

  • Complete the paper copy of either the US or foreign Travel Expense Statement, which may be found here (note: your supervisor does not need to sign the TES form)
  • Attach a breakdown of your expenses with date, description, and amount (eg. 04/15/15, cab from airport to hotel, $35.00), and original receipts for all expenses with the exception of meals 
    • Please note that we are required to follow the meal per diem rates for reimbursement, which may be found here
    • We are also only authorized to cover up to 75% of the daily per diem rate for the 1st and last days of travel
  • Bring the completed TES, breakdown of expenses, and receipts to Kaysha Corniffe. Please make sure to sign the TES form (your supervisor does not need to sign the TES since they have already authorized the travel on the TAR)