Where Are They Now: Peter Bailey, Class of 2015

Catching Up With Peter

  • What are you doing now (career and/or educational wise?) I am currently in an online program to receive my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University.  I also work as an Associate in the Children's Ministry at Piedmont Church overseeing all children's events and the curriculum that enters the classes there, and at Pace Academy as a percussion instructor with their band, where I teach different classes ranging from middle to high school students.  
  • How did your degree in Psychology help you in acquiring the position (or getting into the program) that you are currently in? My degree made me a competitive applicant for my masters program as well as properly prepared me for all I would have to do in graduate school.  
  • How have the knowledge and skills acquired through our undergraduate degree program assisted you in your current position or program? My education from Georgia Tech places me at a level that is not common among my fellow graduate learners.  I have found that Georgia Tech's attention to detail in their research methods as well as APA writing format give me an edge over my other classmates who constantly struggle and make errors in those areas.  My education at Georgia tech was also thorough and well taught which made the knowledge well learned and so I recall my undergraduate information very well and find it easy to review subjects that my graduate program asks of me.  
  • What is your favorite memory of your time with the School of Psychology? My favorite memory in Georgia Tech's psychology program was my experience in Experimental Analysis of Behavior.  The lab was unlike anything in comparison to other labs across institutions.  I was able to train a goat, as well as receive unmatched knowledge and mastery in the field of behavior analysis because of my instructor and the connections of the Georgia Tech Psychology Department.