Where Are They Now: Zach Slaney, Class of 2015

Catching Up With Zach

Where Are They Now: Catching Up With Zach Slaney, Class of 2015
  • What are you doing now (career and/or educational wise)? I am currently a faculty member at The Heritage School in Newnan, Georgia. It is a K-12 private school. My job responsibilities include: 7th grade math teacher, interim AP Psychology teacher, 7th grade advisor, assistant football coach, varsity basketball staff, summer programs, and strategic planning committee member. Also, I am currently working toward my Master of Arts in Middle Grades Math and Science Teaching.
  • How did your degree in Psychology help you in acquiring the position (or getting into the program) that you are currently in? My psychology education helped me gain my first internship at a private school in Atlanta working in their summer programs department. The School of Psychology is a tight-knit program so it is not uncommon for Psychology faculty to email the undergraduate students about internships, graduate school opportunities, and research position openings.  Because of the experience I gained from my internship in summer programs as well as the following several summers working in summer programs, the program reaffirmed my goals and led me toward the career path that I am pursuing and enjoy doing. 
  • How have the knowledge and skills acquired through our undergraduate degree program assisted you in your current position or program? The camaraderie between classmates and faculty alike helped me connect with the material and understand people significantly better than when I arrived.  The rigor and interactive approach of the courses caused me to develop more cognitively.  I previously lacked the depth in which I currently reason and develop logical ideas. 
  • What is your favorite memory of your time with the School of Psychology? My favorite memory is my semester in Research Methods with Dr. Durso.  In Research Methods, that was my first exposure to performing real-life scientific research and observation.  We developed our own experiments and had a poster expo at the end of the semester.  It took a lot of hard work, but it is what truly prepared me for the future and to be an undergraduate research assistant.  That class gave me several offers to join research labs as an undergraduate research assistant which gave me immeasurable experience.