Where Are They Now: Austin Hope, Class of 2014

Catching up with Austin

  • What are you doing now (career and/or educational wise)? I currently work as a Talent Consulting Analyst at Mercer (US) Inc.
  • How did your degree in psychology help you in acquiring the position (or getting into the program) that you are currently in? As a psychology major at Tech, I took on the Business Option to help make myself more marketable.  I knew that the combination of psychology and business would serve me well as I searched for consulting opportunities. 
  • How do the knowledge/skills learned in your undergraduate program assist you in your current position or program? The analytical nature of the psychology program at Tech gave me the opportunity to flex my problem solving skills. In my role as a consultant, data analysis is a large part of what I do on a daily basis.  The psychology program didn't just teach me how to analyze data, it taught me to draw meaningful conclusions from it. 
  • What is your favorite memory of your time with the School of Psychology? My favorite memory of my time with the School of Psychology would have to be the close-knit nature of the program.  Psychology was like a family.  It was easy to stop by a professor's office to have a quick chat just because.