Undergraduate Research Assistant Recruitment


*Important - When talking with prospective labs, please be sure to consider/ask:

  • Some labs require multiple semester commitments or minimum credit hour commitments
  • Some labs only accept Psychology Majors/Minors while others are open to non-majors
  • Some labs have paid research assistant positions, while others are research-for-credit or volunteer only  

GT Sonification Lab


The GT Sonification Lab conducts interdisciplinary research at the intersection of nontraditional human-computer interfaces, human perception, and accessible and universal design.


Working on research in the Sonification Lab can complement courses such as cognitive psychology, sensation and perception, and engineering psychology, as well as build skills in designing and conducting experiments. There are also opportunities for students with skills in computer science or music technology in areas such as front-end user interface programming/design and sound design.


The Sonification Lab has a variety of ongoing projects, including:


Auditory Displays: Current research on auditory displays focuses on enabling people to play fantasy sports, learn about the solar system, and experience the Georgia Aquarium, all through sound.


In-Vehicle User Interfaces: We are exploring novel ways of using sound and visuals to help drivers understand critical but complex data such as fuel consumption and the activities of automated driving systems


Accessible Education Tools: Tools are being developed to help blind or low-vision students learn critical STEM skills such as interpreting graphs, using real weather data, and exploring physics simulations.


Auditory Augmented Reality: We are currently researching how to best utilize emerging technologies to allow audio entertainment and other content to be consumed without blocking out the sounds of the real world.

Contact Keenan May (kmay@gatech.edu) if you are interested in contributing to research in the Sonification Lab. For more information visit http://sonify.psych.gatech.edu.

Meaning of Work Content Analysis

Have you ever held a job that you found truly fulfilling? Or have you ever held a job that you found extremely boring? How did you describe the experience of these jobs when talking with your friends and family? That is what we here at the Work Science Center are interested in! We want to know how workers experience their jobs and if that experience has changed across time. To accomplish this, we are planning a study that compares how individuals in the past have described their jobs to how individuals describe their jobs now. If you're interested in helping us with this project please email Alex LoPilato at alopilato3@gatech.edu. The project will require three to six hours per week and fulfill one to two credit hours. To be considered for this project you need a minimum GPA of 3.2.

Computational Cognition Lab

The Computational Cognition Lab is looking for motivated undergraduate research assistants for the Fall 2017 semester. Regardless of major, students looking for research experience for course credit are welcome to apply. Our research investigates the cognitive processes involved in processing language such as word selection while speaking, accessing semantic meaning, and the overlap of attention and language processing. Research assistants will earn credit while assisting in multiple components of the research process including experimental design, stimulus selection, data collection, statistical analyses, and interpretation.

Interested parties should contact Rob Ashwill at r.t.ashwill@gatech.edu

Research on Cognition in Adulthood and Late Life (ReCALL) Lab

The ReCALL Lab is currently recruiting motivated research assistants who wants to gain hands-on research experience in ReCALL Lab starting from SUMMER 2017 for course credit or as volunteers. Students from any major are welcome to apply. No prior research experience is necessary. Research Assistants will have the opportunity to work on a number of projects including behavioral and EEG studies of working memory, and age-related changes in perception of emotional information. Research assistants will have the opportunity to develop numerous skills including but not limited to recruitment of subjects, running laboratory experiments, data entry, and statistical analysis.

For more information or to apply for the position, please contact Dr. Paul Verhaeghen at paul.verhaeghen@psych.gatech.edu<mailto:paul.verhaeghen@psych.gatech.edu>

We look forward to hearing from you! To learn more about the projects in our lab, please visit our website: https://sites.google.com/site/verhaeghenlabgatech/home. 

Team Dynamics Lab 


Are you interested in receiving research experience while making yourself more competitive for graduate school? The Team Dynamics Lab directed by Dr. Jamie Gorman is looking for responsible undergraduates to assist with research activities.

We offer semester-long opportunities to gain research experience (9 hours per week???3 hours course credit, or 6 hours per week???2 hours course credit) in the fields of interpersonal movement coordination, team cognition, and interpersonal neural processes. Research assistants will have the opportunity to hone their research skills in any of the following areas:

  • Collection and analysis of movement data (Vicon motion tracking)
  • Collection and analysis of computer-mediated communication data
  • Collection and analysis of brainwave data (20-channel dry EEG)
  • Dynamical systems analysis and modeling (Java; MatLab)
  • Statistical testing and analysis (SAS; SPSS)
  • Opportunities for collaboration on peer-reviewed papers and presentations

Research assistants will gain experience by working with the lab director (Dr. Gorman), a graduate student mentor, and other members of the research team to (a) develop, carry out, and report the results of experiments, (b) discuss research and other scientific ideas during weekly lab meetings, and (c) problem solve to address questions or concerns that come up during the research process.

If you are interested, then please email jamie.gorman@gatech.edu

Decision Processes Lab

Want research experience? Considering grad school?

The newest psychology lab on campus is in need of motivated undergrads (like you) to fill a number of open research assistant positions.

Dr. Rick Thomas leads our group as we investigate the cognitive processes that underlie human decision making in applied domains.

We use computer-based experiments, EEG, eye-tracking, flight simulators, Google Glass, and Occulus Rifts in our empirical work. Our computational models of cognitive processes are built in R, MatLab, and Mathematica.

Contact us for more information: dpl@psych.gatech.edu

Human Factors & Aging Lab


Research opportunities are available for the Summer 2017 full semester in the Human Factors and Aging (HFA) Laboratory at Georgia Tech (http://hfaging.gatech.edu<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__hfaging.gatech.edu_&d=DQMFaQ&c=8hUWFZcy2Z-Za5rBPlktOQ&r=3rTy_i4hel-j7IAXkC7la4AV3Iaid8HIbvViPtsok80&m=zklAylqYwUfW8gMLM77Fe6IHMngLrJq2lofb8P2smMs&s=aS00jEXQ3wkgqVXUBi8EqOdDxvbntp68ha_VdGs_YEo&e=>). The HFA laboratory seeks to understand the fundamentals of psychology and apply this knowledge to improving human-technology interactions for adults of all ages and abilities.  Check out the lab's website (http://hfaging.gatech.edu<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__hfaging.gatech.edu_&d=DQMFaQ&c=8hUWFZcy2Z-Za5rBPlktOQ&r=3rTy_i4hel-j7IAXkC7la4AV3Iaid8HIbvViPtsok80&m=zklAylqYwUfW8gMLM77Fe6IHMngLrJq2lofb8P2smMs&s=aS00jEXQ3wkgqVXUBi8EqOdDxvbntp68ha_VdGs_YEo&e=>) for information on the research the HFA lab is currently engaged in, including trust in automation, aging  in place, human-robot interaction, wellness management technologies, social connectedness, and more.

If this sounds interesting to you, please email Sean McGlynn (smcglynn6@gatech.edu<mailto:smcglynn6@gatech.edu>) to discuss the various opportunities.  You would be signing up for course credit under PSYC 2699 (Freshmen/Sophomores) or 4699 (Juniors/Seniors).  The lab encourages students to register for 2 to 3 credits, where 1 credit hour equals 3 hours of work per week, but preference will be given to those who are willing to register for 3 credits.  

Selected candidates will be performing various tasks throughout the semester including (but not limited to) working with graduate students on projects, performing lab duties (e.g. scanning documents, performing literature reviews, calling participants, scoring tests, and transcribing interviews).  Dedicated students that would like to work with the lab over multiple semesters are also encouraged, and if interested, senior the
 sis projects are often available.  Our lab has also been successful in helping many continuing students receive President's Undergraduate Research Awards (PURA; http://urop.gatech.edu/pura-salary).

Your letter grade will depend on successfully completing your hourly requirements and your dependability and willingness to work on projects.



Please note, as this course does not "fill up," Sean McGlynn (smcglynn6@gatech.edu<mailto:smcglynn6@gatech.edu>) can meet with you and allow you to sign up until the drop/add date.


Memory & Aging Lab 

The Memory and Aging lab is currently recruiting new research assistants to begin in Fall 2017. Students from any major are welcome to apply.  Research Assistants will have the opportunity to work on a number of projects including EEG and fMRI studies investigating age-related changes in episodic memory functioning.  Research assistants will have the opportunity to develop numerous skills relevant to cognitive neuroscience research including experimental design, data analysis, and interpretation, and scientific writing.  For more information or to apply for the position, please contact Dr. Audrey Duarte at audrey.duarte@psych.gatech.edu.


Perception, Neuroimaging, and Modeling Lab

The Perception, Neuroimaging, and Modeling (PNM) Lab is looking for motivated research assistants to join the lab for course credit or as volunteers.  Undergraduates from different departments are welcome.  No prior research experience is necessary.  Research assistants will have two options for involvement: 1) as in traditional research assistant positions, they could work with a graduate student or postdoc on existing studies involving functional MRI, TMS, and behavioral studies on visual perception, or 2) they could lead their own project and become first author on the resulting publication. Students interested in the second option need to know how to program in MATLAB, or Python, or Java.  More information can be found on our lab website: rahnevlab.gatech.edu.  Interested students should contact Dr. Dobromir Rahnev at rahnev@psych.gatech.edu


Hertzog Adult Cognition Laboratory

The Hertzog Adult Cognition Laboratory is recruiting talented undergraduate research assistants (Psych 2699 & 4699) who want to gain hands-on research experience for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.

The Adult Cognition Lab will be running experiments investigating learning, reasoning and memory. Studies include:
1. A behavioral intervention focused on everyday memory and cognition with retirement-age older adults.
2. How aging affects memory and whether it also affects older adults' learning strategies and monitoring of memory performance.
3. Assessing older and younger adults' reported experiences with everyday memory failures, their common memory complaints, and the strategies they use to compensate for age-related changes in memory through qualitative analyses.

Interested students should meet the following criteria: Have an interest in psychology, be independently motivated, be personable and enjoy interacting with people - including older adults, be friendly, be timely, and pay attention to detail. Special preference will be given to psychology majors. No previous research experience is necessary. Contact Emily Lustig (elustig@gatech.edu) with inquiries and questions.

Georgia Tech PARK Lab

The Georgia Tech PARK Lab (formerly Knowledge and Skill Lab) is seeking research assistants for Fall 2016 and beyond.  Positions are available for credit or for pay. 

There will be two main projects in the lab this summer. 

1. Developing a selection/classification battery for Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) pilots for the U.S. Navy.  This project involves development and refinement of assessments of abilities and non-ability traits (e.g., personality, motivation, interests, self-concept, background experiences) to maximize person-job fit.

2.  Developing and evaluating assessments for adult intelligence.  This project involves evaluating the contents of typical and critical aspects of adult intellectual functioning at work and outside of work.  RAs will assist in searching the literature, developing new assessments, recruiting and testing adult participants.  Additional work will involve the refinement of non-ability measures that are associated with adult intellectual development.

Duties associated with some or all of the current projects include:

-Recruiting participants and running laboratory sessions, including sessions where the participants learn to operate a non-combat military aerial drone simulator

-Assisting with development of new assessments of ability and non-ability traits

-Entering and checking data

-Other office duties as needed

Applicants who are psychology majors or who have completed substantial coursework in psychology are preferred.

Due to export control regulations associated with one of our current grants, only US Citizens may work in the lab at this time.

For more information or to apply, visit kanfer-ackerman.gatech.edu or email know@psych.gatech.edu



Problem Solving and Educational Technology [PSET] lab
We are looking for psychology majors to join our lab ("Problem Solving and Educational Technology" [PSET] lab) for the Spring and Summer semesters and possibly beyond. These positions would be for course credit. In our lab, we do projects that typically have some educational emphasis, for example, using a model of learning to improve materials for teaching physics, or the use of multimedia for teaching how devices work, or to do app programming on phones.

To learn more about the projects in our lab, please visit our lab website:

We have a variety of projects that are ongoing and we need help with different aspects ranging from running subjects, to coding data, to helping with the development of the experimental materials, etc.

If you are interested in learning more about this, please contact Angela Yoo (ahyoo79@gataech.edu) ASAP and she will be happy to meet and discuss the positions with you. The qualities we are looking for in undergraduate research assistants are reliability, smarts, willingness to work hard (at least for the number of hours a week that we agree on!), and a certain degree of cheerfulness and cleanliness.



GT Psychometric Research and Development lab

We are recruiting undergraduates to work as research assistants in our lab for the Fall 2021 semester. Each undergraduate RA will receive 1-2 course credit hours. The PRD lab focuses on IRT and measuring attitudes, preferences, and similarities. Some of our research projects include attitude about gun control and physical attraction. If you are interested in working in PRD lab, please email prdlabgt@gmail.com with your contact information.