Postdoctoral Fellow

Position description

The Memory, Affect, and Planning Laboratory (MAP Lab; at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) is seeking candidates for a Postdoctoral Fellow position in the School of Psychology and the Center for Advanced Brain Imaging. The successful candidate will develop a research program that leverages human behavior, and measures of neural structure and function, to study the mechanisms that underlie memory encoding, retrieval, and future-oriented thought. Scholars with interdisciplinary interests in how stress, affect, or reward influence declarative memory in health and disease, are welcome.


Spatial navigation provides a ubiquitous real-world example in which memory processes play a fundamental role in goal-directed planning and behavior. Resources in the MAP Lab offer opportunities for studying spatial navigation, and the foundations of human memory and its relationship to behavior through the lens of naturalistic virtual experiences and episodes.


The Postdoctoral Fellow will support research projects of Dr. Thackery Brown, and have opportunities to collaborate with the strong neuroscience community at Georgia Tech. Research in the MAP Lab is uniquely interdisciplinary, and spans questions about the functions of individual brain regions, their dynamic network-level interactions, and the informational content represented by distributed brain activity patterns. Techniques employed include structural and functional MRI, morphometric image analysis with a focus on medial temporal lobe (MTL) subregions, multi-voxel pattern analyses, virtual reality (VR), and experimental memory measures. Other resources and approaches include electroencephalography (EEG), multichannel transcranial current stimulation (tCS), psychological stress manipulations, and neuroendocrinology.


The successful candidate will have completed a PhD in neuroscience, psychology, biomedical engineering, or an equivalent field, have proven ability in data analysis, and a strong publication record. Background knowledge including memory theory, spatial navigation, VR development, MTL segmentation, multi-voxel pattern analyses, programming languages, and behavioral statistical analyses are highly desirable. The Postdoctoral Fellow will have opportunities for first-author presentations and papers in competitive conferences and leading journals in their field. Primary responsibilities in this position include the analysis, interpretation, and scientific presentation of structural and functional MRI and behavioral data, and developing skills in mentoring of graduate and undergraduate student research.

Questions related to this position may be directed to Professor Thackery Brown,


Georgia Institute of Technology is an Equal Education/Employment Opportunity Institution.